Kurikulum Program Studi Magister Hukum

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The Educational Objectives as follows:

  1. To Produce graduates who have comprehensive legal knowledge and who mastered legal theory to solve legal problems, so that they can compete globally (EO1).
  2. To Improve the quality of education and research through mutually beneficial cooperation and partnerships with government agencies, communities, and national and international universities (EO2).
  3. To produce graduates who can formulate a framework for resolving various legal and human rights issues in society and comprehends scientific reasoning (EO3).
  4. To Produce scientific publications based on qualified legal research that are useful for the development of legal science and solve legal problems of society and government globally (EO4)

The intended learning outcome:

  1. Identify legal issues and implement legal concepts and theories in solving legal problems (ILO1)
  2. Formulate regulations, construct legal decisions and legal contracts according to the needs of the society (ILO2)
  3. Use the latest legal research methods to solve community and government problems (ILO3)
  4. Conduct legal research using an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach, both independently and collaboratively, to produce research products that become part of the research map in the field of law and or positive law in Indonesia (ILO4)
  5. Evaluate legal issues at the global level and their impact on the development of Indonesian law (ILO5)
  6. Identify and uphold the code of ethics in carrying out roles and duties in the field of the legal profession (ILO6)
  7. Utilize technology to assist the development of education and the legal profession (ILO7)
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