The Faculty of Law of Universitas Andalas was originally a Private University with the name " the Pancasila Law College (Perguruan Tinggi Hukum Pancasila)". This university was established on August 17, 1951 under the auspices of the "Sriwijaya Foundation" which is domiciled and headquartered in Padang with its Notarial Deed of establishment No.10 dated March 20, 1951 (Notary Hasan Qalbi Padang). On December 23, 1955 with the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 80016, the Pancasila Law College (Perguruan Tinggi Hukum Pancasila) was inaugurated into the state owned Faculty of Law under the name "Faculty of Law and Public Knowledge (Fakultas Hukum dan Pengetahuan Masyarakat)".

On September 13, 1956, along with the inauguration of Universitas Andalas as a State University in Sumatra, the Faculty of Law and Public Knowledge was inaugurated as one of the faculties within Universitas Andalas.

The Faculty of Law of Andalas University has been headed by several Deans:
Period 1958-1961 : Mr.Abu Bakar Djaar
Period 1961-1963 : Mr. Satmoko
Period 1963-1972 : Prof.St. Haroen AL Rasjid, SH.
Period 1973-1976 : Boerma Burhan, SH.
Period 1977-1980 : M. Zen Djamil, SH.
Period 1981-1987 : Azmi Djamarin, SH.
Period 1988-1990 : M. Junus Anwar, SH.
Period 1991-1997 : Darmilis, SH,. MH.
Period 1997-1998 : Firman Hasan, SH,. LLM.
Period 1998-2002 : Azhar Raoef, SH.
Period 2002-2006 : Prof. Dr. Takdir Rahmadi, SH,. LLM.
Period 2006-2010 : Prof. Dr. H. Elwi Danil, SH, MH
Period 2010-2014 : Prof. Dr. H. Yuliandri, SH, MH
Period 2014-2018 : Prof. Dr. H. Zainul Daulay, SH., MH
Period 2018-2022: Prof. Dr. Busyra Azheri, SH., M.Hum
Period 2022-2027: Dr. Ferdi, SH., MH