Visi dan Misi


"Become a dignified Faculty of Law and able to compete at the global level in 2027"


  1. To provide an excellent and prominent legal education to produce legal graduates who are globally competitive and have an entrepreneurial spirit
  2. To undertake innovative legal research to support national development and the development of legal science with international reputation;
  3. To undertake innovative and solutive community services in accordance with the development of legal science for enhancement and improvement of community welfare; and
  4. To develop organizations in accordance with the principles of good governance and able to adapt and synergize with the environment in a sustainable manner.


  1. To provide high quality law graduates that master national and international law, possessing legal integrity, and noble character, able to compete in entering the job market in the era of globalization and have entrepreneurship skills
  2. To exhibit lecturers who have academic abilities and practical expertise characterized by the quantity and quality of work in the fields of legal research and community service;
  3. To create a conducive academic environment and atmosphere that can support the learning and teaching process in order to produce excellence graduates;
  4. To organize a comprehensive, accountable, and accurate information or data management system and in accordance with nationally and internationally established standards;
  5. To provide an adequate and sustainable educational facilities, amenities, and infrastructure; and
  6. To expand and improve mutually beneficial cooperation networks with various educational institutions, government/private institutions in national and international level.